How much is my well worth?

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What is Carbic?

We’re a tech startup that is buying oil wells.

For the right well, we can pay more than any other oil company

Because we invented new technology to cheaply and remotely operate wells

Here’s how it works:

  • Instantly get a ballpark offer for any well with the API #
  • Fill out some basic info to get an exact offer
  • Submit request to finalize the transaction

How do we do our valuations?

We value wells based on future cash flows. We project revenue by looking at historical production only and an average of oil forecasts. We ask you to supply your costs

How can we afford to pay more?

Other operators underpay for certain wells and overpay for others to compensate for the many risks they take. We uniquely can buy individual wells because we can operate them remotely, so we can focus on wells with risks ew understand.

What kinds of wells are we looking for?

We want wells with high pumping costs, fairly stable production, and low margins.